Our first club session at London velodrome

Our first club track session on Thursday 17th April, was excellent; everyone had a great time enjoying a mix of skills and fitness exercises. We must have had at least 1hr 45m on the boards out of the two hours.
Natalia was the only one with no previous track experience and the coach (Rob) gave her some personal time whilst the rest rode around above the blue doing various things. After an hour Natalia joined in and was up and down the banking like an old hand.
Coach said our session was a breath of fresh air after a diet of tasters and a few improvers. He had us doing team sprints and various exercises; two abreast changes, three abreast and stacking (six abreast as per accreditation at Newport). Said everyone there could pass accreditation and logged the club session as stage one for those who had not been to Lee Valley track before.

A word of caution to those with their own track bike; BLACK tyres only, for maximum adhesion, no fancy (slippery) colours thank you.
Those who hired bikes reported that the Condor track bikes are first class.