Time Trials

Time Trials
Time Trials are races, against the clock, over a known distance or course. The winner is the rider who completes the test in the shortest time.

Finsbury Park CC knows all there is to know about time trialing, having been a strong supporter of this discipline for more than 100 years when racing on the highway was considered to be ‘riding furiously’ and was banned by law. Races were held in secret and led to the development of arcane rules and regulations; some of which persist to the present day.

  • Bicycles, tricycles, tandems and tandem tricycles are all catered for.
  • Most time trials are for single machines, but there are also categories for teams of two, three and four.

Our members compete in time trials during every week of the season and have an exhaustive knowledge of local courses and those further afield. New members are given advice and guidance on selecting and entering races so that they can get the maximum enjoyment from the sport. Club riders often enter the same events so that mutual support is available.

We promote three ‘open’ events; a 10 mile ‘hilly’, and two TT’s on fast courses, one at twenty five miles and the other at fifty miles. Both fast events attract the best riders in the country and are considered by many to be targets for the national ‘Best all Rounder”  competitions.

The club organizes a series of time trials, primarily for members, but open to newcomers. Ten mile events are scheduled at two week intervals in the summer and three races at twenty five miles are on the programme. At the end of the season we have a hill climb.

‘The Park’ is the ideal club for those looking for an introduction to this most traditional form of cycle racing.

The governing body is ‘Cycling Time Trials’. (CTT).