Cyclo Cross

Cyclo cross in the UK is an off season or winter activity where competitors race off road in ability groups.

  • Races are usually held on circuits of a mile or so, including mud, sand, steep climbs and descents, water hazards and jumps. Sometimes it is faster to shoulder the bicycle and run with it.
  • Keen cyclo cross riders will have a purpose built machine with extra wheel clearances and specialist brakes; but any machine may be used.
  • Mountain bikes are often seen in cyclo cross events and some meetings have races just for mountain bikes.
  • Some riders are dedicated to the discipline but most competitors are there to keep fit during the winter and have a lot of fun.

Cyclo cross is highly recommended as a winter activity. It is excellent for keeping fit and exerting muscle groups that may be neglected during the summer.

The governing body is ‘British Cycling