Club Run FAQs

Can I just turn up?

Yes, all are welcome.

If you’ve not ridden in a group before then please come on a Introductory Ride for your first ride with us.

How fit do I need to be?

If you can ride 40 miles in around 3 hours then you’ll be fine on our steady ride, if you’re unsure of your fitness then we’d suggest building up to this distance first as you’ll enjoy our steady ride more with this level of fitness. Our monthly Introductory Rides cover 25 – 35 miles at a more leisurely pace. Please Contact Us if you like to join our Clubrun.

What sort of bike do I need?

Nearly all of our members ride light road bikes, you’re welcome to bring any bike you wish but if you turn up on a heavy mountain bike you’ll be working twice as hard to stay with the group.

Do you stop at all?

Most  groups normally have a ‘coffee stop’ at some point so bring along a bit of cash.

Will I be OK if I’ve never ridden in a group before?

Please Contact Us  and we’ll get straight back to you.Our monthly introductory rides are the ideal place to begin group riding.

What should I wear?

Most of our members wear cycling specific lycra clothing. You may wear what you like but a specific cycling jersey with rear pockets for food, keys, cash etc is ideal. Although not a rule most riders wear a helmet.

What should I bring with me?

At least one full water bottle. Some cash for coffee, some ‘pocket food’ – energy bars, banana or whatever you prefer. You should also have a spare inner tube, tyre levers and pump and a small multitool, these can be in a small saddlebag or your jersey pockets.