Mid Season Track Report

Mid Season Roundup.

Ian Bibby / June 12, 2014

2014 is turning out to be quite a busy year for Finsbury Park Trackies with many members so far having enjoyed the Track Training sessions at the fabulous new London Velodrome. I think everyone is quite impressed. If nothing else the race is on for members to pass the accreditation process in preparation for next season. Hopefully there will be a regular Track League in 2015 which we can all take part in.

On the racing front the Welwyn Track League has been very well supported this year with the experienced style of Vince Freeley and Pete Douglas showing us all how it should be done. Again Chris Lodge is showing us his lead out skills, but I think on reflection he’s lost some of his ability at that since last year. Hugh Vivian is there keeping the pace high and showing us how to fall off Rollers in Style. Myself observing and trying to remember how it’s all done, and not forgetting Tom Boulton who’s putting his form to dramatic effect with a few wins already; I’m sure we’ll all be missing him when he moves up to the A’s!

Aside from the weekly Friday Nights, Tom, Vince, and Chris have all signed up for this year’s National Masters Track Championships in Newport at the end of June. We’re all anticipating the results.

Mid Season Points Roundup.

Ian / June 12, 2014

Mid Season Roundup of Placing’s and Points.

Chris Lodge

Hugh Vivian

Ian Bibby

6th June WTL – 10 Lap Block Handicap 3rd                       1pt

Total                                                                             1 Point

Pete Douglas

Tom Boulton

2nd May WTL – 10 Lap Scratch 2nd                                   2pts

9th May WTL – 10 Lap Scratch 2nd                                   2pts

16th May WTL – 10 Lap Scratch 1st                                  3pts

16th May WTL – 10 Lap Block Handicap 1st                     3pts

Total                                                                             10 Points

Vince Freeley