Xmas Cross Action

Peter Douglas reports.
Had some internet problems over Christmas until Vince put me on the right track to sort them out; now catching up. The pre Christmas CycloX was in Croydon; suffice to say in a wood on the side of a hill with mud, roots, leaves and 50% up and 50% down that left me and Bobby wet dirty and tired. We put it all down to experience and moved on.
Our next outing was on the 29th Dec at Foots Cray Water Meadows; rather a good course description in the name. The U10 event was a long lap in slippery mud with more climbing in its 10-15 mins duration than we did in our hour. Watching Bobby struggle up his big hill pushing a bike that weighs a third of him, I thought that’ll be a tough run up! Then they took that part of the course away and let us ride on the flat. Bobby finished though.
Our race was a bit of a slog but felt good (a couple of crashes will keep the washing machine in business but no damage to us or bikes). Philip Murrell was also racing; can’t give any results as they are not published yet. We are definitely not in the top ten.
New Years Day at Herne Hill was cancelled. So next outing is 5th Jan at Bethlem Hospital, Beckenham, then on to the Nationals.

Peter D.