Newport Velodrome Training – 3rd Nov

Chris and Vince cruised down to Newport track to join in a ‘corporate’ session being run by our coach John Capelin, Sports Coaching. Session was 4pm to 7pm for a relaxed afternoon.
Turned out not too relaxed as some of John’s clients had a shortage of track skills and a surplus of energy; I was ‘hooked’ during a practice devil and did about 30 metres locked in a death embrace before elbowing myself free and staying upright. Chris was on my wheel and needed a change of skinsuit. Short time later I was inside a guy who decided to put his front wheel between two rear ones with predictable consequences; ping, ping, clang, clang, howls of fright and down went all three. I can take a hint and headed for the showers.

Was a worthwhile trip as we were able to test various bits of kit and gearing. I tried out some Vittoria pave clinchers that felt more secure than my previous Continental rubber. Tubs are still best for serious stuff; Vittoria of course.

Next Newport track training is Sunday 19th January; new Dolan hire bikes are available or use your own old faithful. Tell Chris if you want to be in the party so we can arrange transport.