Hill Climb 2014 Results and Report

Hill Climb 19th October 2014

hc 2014

Contestants were helped on their journey to Essendon by a friendly, warm, breeze on a lovely early October morning; although roads were still saturated from recent heavy rains. At signing on the ‘breeze’ was being referred to as ‘that head wind’ as 16 riders pinned on their numbers in preparation for the annual assault on Cum Cum Hill. We were pleased to see Mike English on his regular pilgrimage, bringing back memories of Dave Wright, 14 times Hill Climb champion.
First man off was Matt Larkins, recovering from various ailments and a two weeks ‘rest’, to record a creditable 3:39 and hold the lead until number 7, Andy Turnock, passed the finish in 3:30. Next man, Simon couldn’t better Andy’s time, but number 9, Jeremy, did; by 0.6secs.
Gray had made a determined bid for the number 10 slot (to make it easy for the timekeeper) and was determined to improve on last year’s 2nd place, although disappointed to miss going head to head with reigning champion, Matt Southerden. He duly delivered, passing the chequered flag in 3:07.4 for a very convincing win.
Second, Jeremy, 3:30.2, third, Andy 3:30.8, to resolve bragging rights on that one.

The ‘downhill’ was interesting in the somewhat slippery condition; Ian Bibby reported to the finish bloodied with some fresh road rash after coming to grief. Francisio met the same fate, adding to his recent collection of grazes. Jonathon went off course, followed by Seet (was he drafting?).
Final order was Steve Gee, Gray, Andy (3rd again), Peter, Simon and Jeremy (then I ran out of sticks).

Results for both events below (times rounded up to next 1/5 sec).

Pos Name Time
1 Gray Turnock 03:07.4
2 Jeremy Greenwood 03:30.2
3 Andy Turnock 03:30.8
4 Simon Neatham 03:32.0
5 Amir Eshtehardi 03:36.0
6 Matt Larkins 03:39.4
7 Szilard Pinter 03:49.0
8 Seet Leng Teoh 03:51.8
9 Steve Gee 03:55.2
10 Rich Pizzey 04:02.8 Impeded by horses !!??
11 Dave Snowden 04:07.2
12 Michael Chadwell 04:15.0
13 Francisis Pizanero 04:19.2
14 Brinn Jardine 04:25.2
15 Jonathon Bryan 04:25.2
16 Mike English 04:59.2


1 Steve Gee
2 Gray Turnock @ 4 mtres
3 Andy Turnock @ 14 mtres
4 Peter Bullen @ 20 mtres
5 Simon Neatham @ 23 mtres
6 Jeremy Greenwood @ 25 mtres
followed by the rest.

Downhill Whoops
Ian Bibby crashed
Francisio crashed
Jonathon Bryan off course
Seet Leng Teoh off course