FPCC Road Race 2014

This is a reminder that the club RR is now only just over a month away. For those that wish to enter (I have no entries from club members yet) the deadline is Sunday 21 September (cats 2, 3 and 4 are eligible to ride). At the moment it’s looking like it will be oversubscribed so don’t miss the deadline or you will lose your preferred status as an ERRL rider and probably not get to ride.

For everybody else who’s around on that day your help would be greatly appreciated. Some have already volunteered and we have got most of the non-marshall positions covered but we will need around 20 marshalls on the day. The race is on the Panshanger circuit with the HQ at Tewin so should be easy to get to and will be finished by 11am so you can still fit in a ride afterwards!

Please can anyone who is able to marshall let Kevin Megan (chief Marshall) know ASAP – it’s kevin.megan at blueyonder.co.uk – and let me know (either by copying me in by email or a post on the FB page*) they have done this. This also applies if you have already said you can marshall. I will be finalising the programme two weeks before the race so would like to have all the positions filled by then.

It’s always a great event and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Many thanks,
Gray Turnock
FPCC RR sec and 2014 RR race organiser