FPCC Racing Team

FPCC racing team

With the growing number of us riding road races we have decided to get ourselves a bit better organised. We are therefore creating a Park racing team.

The team is open to anyone in the club to join. Just let Gray, Szilard or Anthony know you want to be in.

Team members will share details of races they have entered or plan to enter (see link below). This should help us maximise the number of successful entries we get to ERRL races as well as in organising travel for those without transport or who want to share.

We will also endeavour to ride as a team in races, eg setting out with a basic race plan under an agreed road captain for each race.

Finally, we will also try to arrange at least fortnightly training rides, probably either at Potters Bar or the velopark.

The emphasis will be on enjoying ourselves, developing a good team spirit and getting results – in that order. No-one is obliged to join the team if they would rather ride independently in the name of the club but we hope everyone will want to be part of it.

Let’s make 2015 the year FPCC rises up the rankings! Let’s smash it!

FPCC Racing Plan 2015