A Randonee in France (Audax in the UK) is a non-competitive ride on quiet roads over a defined route. It is not a race; the objective is just to complete your planned distance within a reasonable time. As well as having members who take part in UK Audaxes Finsbury Park CC goes to France on several weekends during the year to take part in Randonees. We may travel as bike carrying foot passengers on the cross channel ferries or via car and the ‘Chunnel’ to enjoy the benefits of a couple of days of good food and wine. These breaks are great for re-charging the batteries during the racing season and getting in some quality mileage. Randonees in Northern France are very popular with British riders who often make up more than 50% of an event. Riders collect a ‘brevet’ card at the start of the ride and have it stamped at nominated control points en route and at the finish. The most common events are between 100 and 200km. But distances as low as 40km or as high as 800km (and more) are available. The governing body in the UK is Audax UK.